Where Lost Luggage in America Finds New Life

27 October 2015  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kabir Sidhu

In the age of AirBolt, the idea of lost luggage is perhaps a quaint notion from yesteryear. But the past holds many interesting stories and fantastic adventures. If you have ever travelled in and around America, and you lost your luggage and have had no idea where your luggage ended up; take heart that all […]


How Smart Luggage Is Changing Travel

27 October 2015  | Comments 1 | Posted by  Kabir Sidhu

The scenario is a familiar one for frequent travellers. You get to your destination, ready for a vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months, and it’s derailed before it even gets started when your long wait at the luggage carousel turns into a long, bleak process of trying to recover your lost luggage. The…


Is your luggage really that smart?

27 October 2015  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kabir Sidhu

There are a lot of products claiming to be “smart luggage” but really what you end up paying for is ordinary luggage marked up hundreds of dollars and potentially including subscription fees, and all you get is a tracking chip. AirBolt, for a tiny fraction of that price, actually and definitively transforms your own luggage …


3 Common Luggage Disasters, and How AirBolt Cures Them

27 October 2015  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kabir Sidhu

Here are three common luggage disasters that travellers face, along with the immediate and successful solutions that having AirBolt offers you. #1 You’ve forgotten your luggage lock combination. This may be the most common luggage disaster people report to us, although that may be a bit strong of a word for the problem. You probably […]


Where Do You Want to Go from Here?

17 May 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Airbolt is now shipping! We are so incredibly proud of this moment.  From the early days in 2014 in front of our reams of designs and ideas scribbled in the moment, we’ve been waiting for this. We’ve been waiting to completely innovate the way that you feel about travel.  We knew Airbolt could do it, […]


Have You Heard? AirBolt Wins for Good Design Selection!

24 May 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Can we humblebrag for a moment? We put a lot of hard work, inspiration and perspiration into the AirBolt. (Yes, everyone loves Einstein). So maybe we weren’t that surprised when it was announced that we are a Good Design Selection Award WINNER for 2017. We made the AirBolt to stand out from the crowd and […]


What Makes AirBolt So Awesome?

31 May 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

There has been a ton of buzz about this Smart little travel lock. There are so many cool functions to the AirBolt. The AirBolt is awesome because we’ve worked very hard to design such a premiumd smart lock.  This innovative travel accessory uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone via our AirBolt app.  This means […]


AirBolt Is A Stress Free Travel Accessory

6 June 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Peace of Mind Is Being Prepared Traveling is probably one of the most stressful things that you can do. It starts with good intentions.  You need to fly out for work.  You need some time to “de-stress”.  Why is it that to be “destressed” you first have to be so stressed? When we designed the […]


Winner Winner

22 June 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

We won a Good Design Award for 2017! We couldn’t be happier.  Most winners will say things like, “we can’t believe this happened!”  The truth is though, we hoped that the AirBolt would be recognised for its great design. When we started this company, we went in with the idea that we were going to […]


The World’s Worst Airports

29 June 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Traveling can be very difficult and stressful.  Actually, let’s rephrase that – flying can be very stressful.  If you want to get from Point A to Point B quickly, then the headache of airline travel is just something that we have to endure. Not all airports can be like Singapore’s Changi, where the design brief […]


5 Tips for a Stress Free Commute

5 July 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Work happens. Pretty much 5 days out of 7, we have to wake up early, leave our snug little nest and head to work.  Often, we start our work day with a mind numbing commute. If you are “lucky” enough to drive yourself to work, then you only have to worry about grid lock. Cyclists […]


Seven Luggage Hacks for Staying Safe on Your Travels

11 July 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

There is so much to remember while you are traveling – your toothbrush, when the buses run, where is your passport… So it’s easy to forget that you also must stay safe while you travel. We’ve put together this quick list of seven travel hacks so that you can concentrate on just enjoying your destination.  […]


5 Must Have Travel Accessories

20 July 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

You don’t need an incredible amount of “stuff” to have a great travel experience. Some people can pack better than others, they can travel the globe with a single pair of underwear, a backpack and a reusable water bottle.  Others like to take it all, with lots of bags, changes of clothes, and a “just […]


Pack Luggage Like A Pro

26 July 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Along with the shrinking seat pitch, it seems that airlines are also shrinking our space to pack our essentials. Don’t despair, AirBolt will teach you how to pack luggage like a pro!  You don’t need expensive suitcases or miracle accessories, you have everything you need at home. First off, you’ll at least need a scale.  […]


The Best Travel Passengers

3 August 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

We all have heard the expression, “It takes all kinds” at some point in our lives.  It definitely takes all kinds to pack an airplane – People who are polite, rude, or in a hurry. We want you to be one of the best travel passengers. We think that AirBolt customers are the best.  If […]


Who Wants to Win?

10 August 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

Everyone loves prizes! We’ve teamed up with Backer Bundle to give our fans a chance to win an ultimate travel pack, including an AirBolt*.  There are 3 main prizes on offer, along with 3 smaller weekly prizes. This many prizes means that you have a lot of chances to win big!  The more that you […]


The AirBolt App

20 August 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

We love good design – and we work hard to make sure that everything we do not only looks good, but performs and functions well. That’s why when we designed our AirBolt App we wanted it to be simple and easy to use, after all that is the cornerstone of good design.  All you have […]


What’s A Grommet

30 August 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

We’ve got some big news this week!  The AirBolt is proud to be a Grommet! What’s a Grommet?  That’s a great question! A Grommet is an innovative, unique product that is created by a Maker with a story to tell. Often a Grommet is new to market or has not yet been broadly discovered. When […]


Did you know that?

11 September 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

We had a great time launching with the Grommet.   It was really great interacting with an audience that was super keen about new and upcoming technology and accessories.  The time we spent online seemed to fly by – not to mention that there is a 14 hour time difference between Melbourne and the East […]


More Than Just Travel

19 September 2017  | Comments 0 | Posted by  Kai McCoy

The AirBolt smart lock is for more than just travel. You don’t have to be a frequent flyer or need to hop on a plane to get the benefits of the AirBolt.  You don’t even need to use public transportation on your daily commute.  The beauty of the AirBolt smart lock is it can be […]


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